A best IELTS sample Academic Task 1 question.

depositphotos_7932028-Quill-pen-and-ink-well-with-paper-scrollHere’s a sample Academic Writing Task 1 question.


You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The table below gives information on consumer spending on different items in five different countries in 2002.Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Percentage of national consumer expenditure by category – 2002


Country Food/Drinks/Tobacco Clothing/Footwear Leisure/Education
Ireland 28.91% 6.43% 2.21%
Italy 16.63% 9.00% 3.20%
Spain 18.80% 6.51% 1.98%
Sweden 15.77% 5.40% 3.22%
Turkey 32.14% 6.63% 4.35%

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  1. the tabel shows the information the consumption of differnt items for 6 counthetries in the year 2002. on of the first thing to notice is that, the consumption of food, drinks, and toobaco is very high in all countries comparied with other itesms mentioned. for example, in turkey people consumed 32.14% of food, dirnks, and toobaco compaired with only 6.36% of cloothing, and footwear. another thing which stands out that, turkey and irland consumed the highst number of items of food, drinks, and toobaco, which reached 32.14% in turkey and 28.91% in irland. a final point which stands out that, the consumption of lesiur and education was the lowest number in the all countries and the highst number reach to 4.35% in turkey.

  2. This table shows expenditure in percentage among five different countries ,this expenses are divided into three major groups. all the countries spend more on food &tobacco than others countries spend less on leisure and education.Turkey spend more on tobacco than other countries.this percentage goes as 32.14percentage.according to this distribution less amount of money spend on in Spain that is 1.98 percentage.

  3. This table elucidates percentage expenditure on different items in five different countries in the year 2002. It is clearly seen that maximum proportion of expenditure in every country went for food/drinks and tobacco then came clothing/footwears and leisure/education remained at last. Even among all five countries Ireland and Turkey’s consumers spent a greater amount on food and tobacco, which is 28.9% and 32.14% respectively, and Sweden spent least among all which is ~15% (just half of Turkey’s expenditure) In case of cloths/footwears Italy spent 9.00% of total expenditure which was highest among all countries, whereas for Ireland, Spain and Turkey, the proportion of consumer spending was almost same. For education/leisure, again Turkey spent highest money among all countries whereas Spain remains lowest position with only 1.98% expenditure

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  5. The table provides us with information about how much local consumers expand into three different categories in 2002. The data was collected for Irish , Italian , Swedenin and Turkish people.

    In Turkey, citizens spent more money on food , drinks and Tabacoo accounted for 32.14%. Irish people recorded as a second highest consumer of the same category comprised 29 approximately. Whereas, Italy , Spain and Sweden had similar portions which were 16.4 , 19 , and 16 % respectively.

    In addition to food , drinks and Tobacco , people spent their money on clothing and lesiure/education. Their expentuires on them was much less than on food. Thehighest percentage of expentuire on clothing was recorded for Italy which was only 9 %. While , Ireland , Spain and Turkey had nearly the same percentage which was 6%. In contrast , sweden spent much less on clothing only 5 %. Moreover, the five countries showed that they spent less amount of money on their lesiure and education. The portions were between 2 and 4 %.

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  7. The plotted table depicts that People who expend money on several goods in five countries namely Ireland, Italy, Spain Sweden and Turkey during the year 2002.

    According to the statistical data, 32.14 per cent of Turkish people passed their money on food, drinks and tobacco which was the highest, followed by Irish people and Spanish people at 28.91% and 18.80% respectively. However, 16.63% and 15.77% of money was allocated to food, drinks and tobacco by Italians and Swedish.

    Similarly, Italians used more money to buy cloths and footwear in the highest proportion(9%), with Turkish at 6.63% in the next position. The remaining countries people led to 6.50-5.40%.

    In addition to that, 4.35% of money devoted by Turkish people to leisure and education, where as Italian and Swedish people spent almost same amount of money on leisure activities and education was 3.20 per cent. Irish and Spanish people dropped less than half of their money for leisure activities and education where Turkish spent.

    It is evident from the figure that, among all the five countries which mentioned here allocated more money to food, drinks and tobacco where as leisure activities and education are in the last position.

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