The IELTS Reading Test.

reader-310398_150The IELTS Reading Test begins immediately after the Listening Test question papers have been collected.  You’ll be using the same answer sheet as you did for the listening test except you’ll write your answers on the ‘IELTS Reading Answer Sheet’ side of the paper.

Now, when I’ve done practice papers under mock exam conditions with students, there is ALWAYS someone who goes into a panic at this point as they discover they’ve written their listening test answers on the wrong side!  If this happens to you, don’t panic, just raise your hand and tell the invigilator immediately.

Once the invigilator has given out the IELTS Reading question papers (do NOT open them until you are instructed to do so), put your name and candidate number on the paper, the same applies as for the listening test; anything you write on the question paper will be ignored.  At this point, you should also check that you have the correct paper; Academic or General Training as they are different for the reading test.

For both Academic and General Training, the reading test lasts 60 minutes and consists of 3 sections. Like the listening test, the reading test increases in difficulty as it progresses.  Unlike the listening test, however, you are NOT given extra time to transfer your answers to the answer sheet so you must make sure you do it as you go along.

The invigilator will tell you when the time is up and as with the listening test, you MUST stop writing immediately.  At the end of the IELTS Reading Test, both the Reading question sheet and the answer sheet will be collected.

OK, 50% done now, next test is the Writing Test.

Here’s to the best IELTS score possible!

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