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My name’s Alanna Carysforth and I’m an IELTS Tutor ; I’ve been teaching English as a second language for over 20 years.

As you can imagine, in this time I’ve taught English for many different purposes across all levels (including many examination classes; FCE, CPE and IELTS).  I’ve tutored students privately, at language schools (including International House and The British Council)and at universities. My students have been of many different ages, social and educational backgrounds and nationalities.

Before becoming a teacher of English, I studied French and German at Oxford University.  Being a linguist (I also speak fluent Italian) has always helped me to understand my students’ needs better and I have a good understanding of how to study for language tests (I’ve walked my talk!).

As an IELTS tutor, I have seen two main reasons why candidates fail to get the IELTS score they need…….Sometimes it’s because further English Language study is needed, and other times the candidate’s level of English is good enough but they fail to complete the test within the exam time frame.

With this in mind, there are two components to getting the score you need in IELTS; one is to improve your English and one is to understand how the test works.  I’m here both to help you improve your English and to give you strategies and tips for success in the IELTS test.

I’m very passionate about teaching English and in particular about IELTS and am really excited about helping you get the score you need so you can realise your dream of emigrating, studying abroad or getting the job you want.

Remember, this website is for you! Therefore, in order to get the full benefit from it, I encourage you to participate, leave comments and ask questions.

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