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What people say about Best IELTS Online’s IELTS Tutoring.

330px-Smiley.svgHere’s a small selection of the positive feedback I get from students.

I take this opportunity to thank you for your help. I got my IELTS scores:
9-listening, 8-reading, 7-writing, 7-speaking, and overall-8. Thank you so much!

Manila , India

I got my IELTS result today and it turns out to be : L7 R7 W6 S6 ; overall 6.5. It reaches the benchmark I need and I want to thank you for your help , in particular with my speaking test, which helped me so much.
Joshua , China

After taking the IELTS Test four times and always falling short either in my speaking test or my writing test, I requested help from Alanna. I was really inspired by her suggestions, advice and improvement strategies. I finally got 7.0 in each test, which has allowed me to apply for permanent residency in Australia.

Alanna is an amazing tutor, who gives a great service and effort. My family and I are very grateful to her.
Ali , Pakistan

I came to Alanna for lessons after various unsuccessful attempts to get the 8.0 (in all four skills) required by Australian immigration. After only a short time, I took my test again and scored L: 9, R: 9, W: 8.5 and S: 8.5, overall 9.0! I’m very happy!
Thurein, Burma

What can I say? Alanna’s teaching gets results! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Luca, Italy.

I had taken the IELTS test three times when I contacted Alanna.  My writing was always a 6 (I needed 7), even though my other skills were 7s and 8s.  I just didn’t know where I was going wrong.  Alanna really helped me get my writing in order; showing me how to shape my ideas etc.
I’m SO happy; now I can apply for immigration to Australia.  Thanks Alanna!
Javad, Iran.

More positive feedback on Best IELTS Online’s IELTS Preparation

330px-Smiley.svgMore positive feedback from students about my Online IELTS Tutoring.

Thank you so much for the lessons, the encouragement and the great conversation.                                                                                                                               Victor, Peru

Hi Alanna, I have good news for you.  I got 8.5 in my IELTS.  I checked my result yesterday, I got 9 in both Listening and Reading, and 7.5 in writing and speaking, and overall is 8.5. I am very happy. I would like to extend my grateful thanks to you for your teaching, it was very useful.
Grace, Hong Kong

When we are talking about IELTS, Alanna is an excellent teacher. I noticed my English improved in an extreme way.  This is because not only did she correct my writing thoroughly, she also taught me how to use high level vocabulary correctly in the test.  If it hadn’t been for her,  I wouldn’t have been able to score an 8 in my IELTS.
Aldric, Indonesia

I asked help from Alanna 3 weeks before my IELTS test. I took an IELTS test before and I got 7 for my writing, but after getting some feedback on my work  and other tips/ advice from Alanna,  as well as reading her website, my writing improved to band 9!!

My speaking also improved from 7 to 7.5 after 2 practice sessions with her! She’s been immensely helpful, giving valuable feedback as well as answering any other questions I have. Alanna’s been very motivating which helps a lot too! Thank you Alanna!
Sylvia, Jakarta

I have  good news for you. I passed the IELTS. Listening 8, reading 6.5, writing 7 and speaking 7.5.
Thank you so much for your help. I am so lucky I found you on the internet. Your teaching truly helped me to release my tension during the speaking part. I was shocked how fluent I was when I answered all three parts in speaking.
I hope you willhelp a lot more students who are aiming to get the score they want.   God Bless and I wish you luck with your future endeavors.

Gwaping, The Philippines

Hey Alanna,

I hope you are well.

Just thought I’d share with you the good news that I’ve finally achieved all 8.0 for my IELTS test! I’m so relieved, at least now I’m one step ahead to getting my Australian PR. I just want to thank you for your wonderful tips, advice and motivation. You played such a huge role in my writing and speaking improvement. I also learnt that with confidence, I can get up to 1 band more for my speaking! All thanks to you! I’ll never forget your words “walk in and speak like an 8”, “and fake it till you make it” – they really worked! since my speaking lessons with you, I got 8.5 for the next 2 tests I sat for :).

Massive thank you once again.


Maryann, Indonesia

I contacted Alanna after a few unsuccessful attempts to score 7.0 in
every section.  My writing always let me down.  After Alanna marking and
giving me feedback on just three sets of writing, I scored the 7.0 I
needed.  Very happy indeed!

Kelly, Hong Kong